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How About a romantic evening???? It will not only bring a smile to your faces but will also add that extra sparkle to your relationship. How can you not get closer together when you are relaxing in swirling warm water?

Our Softubs are simple to set up no plumbing, no extensive site preparation or special installation required. 100% portable, can fit through a 3'-0" wide 6'-8" high opening and weigh about 135# so the Softub can be placed on a patio in a garage or inside. We will need a 8'x8' level area with available water and electrical. There are numerous benefits to renting a portable Softub from us.

Therapeutic Hot water therapy is one of the oldest forms of relaxation known to humanity so relieve stiff muscles and aching joints in your Softub. The soothing of strained muscles and increased blood flow make a soak in the Softub a must for occasional athletes and overachieving home improvers alike. Powerful, adjustable hydro jets are strategically places to deliver warm, massaging streams of water. Warm water helps to ease the ache, reduce swelling, relax the muscles and increase your freedom of movement. Get all the benefits of a good massage-in the privacy of your own yard or home.

How About a Wild and Wet party??? Pick a date, call your friends, and call Hot Tub N Fun at 952-474-0002 or 612-813-1662 to schedule one of our larger hot tubs to be placed in your drive or whever for that fun gathering.