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How many People? Number of people is dependent on the size of people in the tub, our Softubs 300 gallons of water will hold up to (six people), Our larger party tubs 400 to 500 gallons of water will hold (six to twelve people).

Placing the hot tub? Our Softubs need to be placed on a firm level surface (driveway, garage, patio, some decks, lawn) a tarp may be needed. As for our party tubs a fairly level driveway or hard surface is a must, no 4WD in your yard, I will need to back the trailer in with my 4WD Suburban.

What will the homeowner need to provide? A garden hose and outside spigot (thawed out in winter) and a 110V 20A outlet within 50 feet.

How is the water heated? Our Softubs are filled with hot water from your home until it runs out then it is switched over to our LP flash water heater, We will leave you with about 100 degree water so you can enjoy your tub right away. The party tubs are heated with on board LP 175,000 btu heaters and you can start enjoying these tubs within 2-3 hours. Time will also depend on weather conditions.

When are the tubs dropped off and picked up? Softubs are dropped off usually at the end of the week and picked up Sunday or Monday of the following week. Party tubs are rented by the day, therefore the tub will be picked up late morning / early afternoon after the last night of rental.

Do I need to be home? Yes, we will need an adult (homeowner) to preview and sign the rental agreement contract and receive instructions on use of the tub.

In freezing temperatures, the tubs must remain plugged in and running until we pick them up.